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"We needed a news music package that was fresh, urgent, and versatile… with very little turnaround time. AND PHIL NAILED IT! Awesome job!"

Dave Medley
Promotion/Marketing Mgr.

"One of the first things I wanted to accomplish as the new news director at WKYT was overhauling our on-air look. Music is certainly a major piece of that puzzle. Working with Phil, we were able to compose music that reinforces our new graphic look which conveys renewed energy and determination. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new music package. It’s fantastic and we’re already getting comments from viewers and clients about how effective our new music and graphics are."

Robert Thomas
News Director



Syndicated Packages

Automobile Dealers
Obviously one of the most competitive advertising areas there is. These jingles are designed for "NO SHOUTING", "NO HYPE." Just a great musical message to cut through the clutter. We feature five different styles, from the Heartland to the City. If you want proven jingles, these have all stood up to the test. Remember, first come first served. Only 1 of each in your ADI.

Sample files:
The Spirit of America 60.mp3
The Right Way-Every Day.mp3
The Nissan Giant.mp3
Is Ford _30.mp3
For Life 60.mp3

Law Firms
Had it with all the shouting, posturing, tough guys and gals? Our clients were, and asked for a campaign that had class, and at the same time, get to the heart of it. People are hurting, and
that's why we created, "We Right, The Wrong".

Sample files:

Home Builders
"Comin' Home" creates a warm, cozy atmosphere for the upscale builder who wants to showcase their craftsmanship. Composed and arranged to "pull the listener in." You can almost feel yourself in that beautifully built home. Bring them to you with "Comin' Home."

Sample files:
Comin Home.mp3

Television News Music
"PowerWatch" 1 and 2 is an aggressive, in your face campaign with over 130 cuts. From News Opens, News Image, and Weather Alerts, to ninety-second sports beds for all those scores, "PowerWatch" delivers. Recorded and produced in Nashville, TN and arranged by nationally known arranger, Chris McDonald.

Sample files:
PowerWatch Montage.mp3



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