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Phil Copeland is an Emmy award-winning composer based in Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.

He has composed over 400 cues for ESPN's SportsCentury. SportsCentury won consecutive Emmy awards in 2001 and 2002 in the highly competitive "Outstanding Edited Sports Series/ Anthology" category. Phil received Emmys for his original music compositions for the series.

He also received an EMMY for his contributions to the CBS Soap Opera, "Guiding Light," which won "Outstanding Music Direction and Composition For A Drama Series."

His other credits include network themes for ESPN Classic, ESPN Classic's "Reel Classics," a weekly prime-time sports movie series, ESPN Classics "RoadShow," Nissan, IBM, and the Kentucky Derby Museum, as well as themes for television and radio stations in the United States.

Phil is now offering syndicated jingle packages in your broadcast area for Television Stations, Automobile Dealers, Law Firms, Home Builders, and Home Builders Associations. Click on "Syndicated Packages" for the one you are looking for.



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